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4 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Its All my Pleasure…you share and say things here…Knowledge… that either remembered Knowledge or Knowledge gained through Lived Experience. I too KNOW since earliest of childhood or it became though Lived Experience…It’s a Absolute Pleasure reading what you share…because there is a Validation and 2gtherness…Not so much that validation is needed, NO….but it Heals and Soothes the Heat, Soul and Spirit on all these attacks over a lifetime from People that could NOT hear nor belief….simply because they forgotten this Knowledge. Thank you Dear Spirit ❤ ❤ ❤
    Sincerely, Birgit


  2. Fabulous blog. I sheilded my body many years ago from my toxic husband. He is not a horribly person but he was steeling my energies to keep him young. I understood what was happening on my spiritual path. and i now have a protective shield around my body to protect myself from all negitative energies. Thank you for your wonderful words and I think it should help many empaths.


  3. I’m curious… Who is the author of the blog? I would love to learn more about the education and experience they have that qualifies them as an expert in these fields. I look forward to reading a completed “The Author” page.

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