The Author

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I am Katrina Marie and I am from the Philippines.  I guess helping mother earth and her children is a primary mission assigned to me in this lifetime.  Well, we all have our responsibilities to mankind and to our planet  but,  like some, I was assigned a special task of waking many who carry the light and strengthen the light of those whose torches are already burning.

I was born different from my siblings.  I had special gifts which was difficult for my family to understand and accept.  I knew things before they would happen.  I have memories of lives I never lived in my lifetime.  I got sick after touching someone who was sick but later, that person would be well.  I could see entities and beings who others could not detect.  Much more unusual traits came with my birth but I grew up alone and lonely, with no one  to understand me.  I only had my “angels” to guide me and my inner guidance to download information I needed.

Currently, I am tasked to help people, plants and animals by doing spiritual work.  I am what regular people coin as “psychic” but I’d rather be called a lightworker.  Having “psychic” abilities are just a part of being a lightworker.  I, being awakened to who I am at an early stage in my life, have relearned and rediscovered so much .  Perhaps, through this blog, I may reach others outside my confines and help awaken their light so that together, we may all share real LOVE to this world and make her one of the best places to live in.

I wish you all the wisdom you can be blessed with by visiting my site.


Eternal Love,

Katrina Marie Fajardo

(Psychic/Spiritual Consultant, Spiritul Medium, Feng Shui Consultant, Spiritual Healer, Author)

7 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Its All my Pleasure…you share and say things here…Knowledge… that either remembered Knowledge or Knowledge gained through Lived Experience. I too KNOW since earliest of childhood or it became though Lived Experience…It’s a Absolute Pleasure reading what you share…because there is a Validation and 2gtherness…Not so much that validation is needed, NO….but it Heals and Soothes the Heat, Soul and Spirit on all these attacks over a lifetime from People that could NOT hear nor belief….simply because they forgotten this Knowledge. Thank you Dear Spirit ❤ ❤ ❤
    Sincerely, Birgit


  2. Fabulous blog. I sheilded my body many years ago from my toxic husband. He is not a horribly person but he was steeling my energies to keep him young. I understood what was happening on my spiritual path. and i now have a protective shield around my body to protect myself from all negitative energies. Thank you for your wonderful words and I think it should help many empaths.

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  3. I’m curious… Who is the author of the blog? I would love to learn more about the education and experience they have that qualifies them as an expert in these fields. I look forward to reading a completed “The Author” page.

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