How To Boost Your Prayer Power

     Just in case you still don’t know, praying for a particular intention and making it happen, is a power anyone can harness.  In my previous article, I mentioned that thinking of something by itself is already a form of a prayer which we are sending out to the universe.  What we will be dealing with here is a certain form of prayer which we call intended prayer.

Have you ever noticed other people who, when they pray, get immediate results?  It’s like they have this cheat code in sending out their petitions because you have personally witnessed the results.  Well good news! There really is a cheat code, though it is not really cheating.   I will be teaching you techniques which have been kept for centuries by the ruling elite.  These are the essential secret ingredients to very effective prayers.

Our history is actually a list of lies.  Events have been altered in such grotesque ways so that a few elite bloodlines can exert their power on the masses.  They have kept many truths away from the common man to disempower them and eventually, conquer, own and control the world, without being so obvious.

(Please see:  What Prayer Really Is) 

Prayer is so powerful but it has been manipulated to weaken man’s real power.  Religions and certain sects have placed many conditions and criteria on prayer which in turn, gave a negative stigma to it.  This resulted to less people praying because they either have less or no results in their prayer life. They get tired and eventually, lose faith in praying.   Others live their whole lives never experiencing intentional prayer. It is usually because they witnessed their parents, family or friends praying but see those prayers left unheeded. They’d rather do things without outside help which is so sad because they are missing out on the magnificent assistance of powerful unseen beings of light! 

The analogy of a person, using just plain human strength and understanding in achieving somethinghe desires, is like working alone in the time of the cavemen. That time, work was harder and less was accomplished because tools were crude and inferior.  Simple machines were not yet invented which made good results impossible to achieve. 

On the other hand, a person who is mightily armed with the secret of powerful prayer is like a person surrounded by a host of specialists in all fields, fully equipped with the latest there is in technology. 

Of course, the one who accomplishes more and gets more results with the least stress is the latter.  Won’t you also want that for yourself?  

  1.  Choose Who You Pray To.

When you pray, you have to know who it is you are really praying to.  There are so many entities in the Universe who have capabilities of performing miracles but are not so different from humans in the sense that they are governed by desires and instincts.  They, although in spirit and are more powerful, still have the lower instincts and desires of man. They have an agenda behind every good deed.   They are always listening and watching the human race.  They jump at any opportunity they see to take advantage of your need.  They will do anything just so they can feed off others’ energies. 

Let us take the Nagas, for example.  They are unseen miraculous serpent-like beings from the animal realm.  They have the power to grant humans immediate help in terms of health (especially in cancer, stroke and paralysis conditions), wealth and relationships.  They grant swift assistance to seemingly impossible situations but the price to pay is quite high.  Many acts are required in return for a favor and if offended, they may cause you your very life.

Always be careful as to who you would be asking help from.  I personally ask help from the One Source, from my Higher Self and from my Guardians, whom I have been aware of since childhood.  There are times when I seek assistance from the higher enlightened ones who have closer and direct access to earthly matters.  These types of beings require nothing in return.  They help out of mercy and unconditional love because they have more wisdom and knowledge which make their light brighter.

Lower entities can disguise themselves as light beings to deceive humans.  At first, they will appear very loving and unconditional in all their kind acts but eventually their selfish motives will resurface.  This is common in miraculous healings and apparitions in many countries.

In the Philippines, Sto. Niňo (little child Jesus) miracles are widespread.  I have personally witnessed some of the miracles like tears of oil being shed by a statue. Some images cry tears of blood.  Others are said to be seen walking around as a naked little boy.  I was around ten years old when my parents sought healing from this kind of entity.  My father was very ill and he lost his hearing from both ears and also lost his job.  In desperation, my mother took my father to this Niňo and offered eggs and prayers as directed by the “nag-aalaga ng santo” or the owner of the said miraculous image.  I was surprised because the day after, my father gained hearing on his other ear.  In a few weeks, he had several business contracts worth millions. At that age, I was already gifted with strong discernment and I knew there was something wrong.  I sensed that payback time was not so far away.  After a time, my parents stopped offering eggs or prayer visits to the image.  In a few years, although my parents’ financial conditions multiplied in such a fast pace, things were falling apart in the family.  Eventually,  even their financial standing nose-dived. In short, what was given as a glorious miracle turned into a curse and everything ended worse than ever.

We should always be vigilant, highly sensitive and discerning in such matters. We should not be blinded by whatever glitters or shines.  Let us not let desperation push us to seek refuge or aid on something or someone whom we have not tested. 

It is essential that when you pray, you immediatelysurround yourself with a spiritual shield that will not allow lower dark energies to penetrate.  Imagine yourself in a protective bubble of light (you can design it in whatever shape or color) and thank this sheath.  Tell it to appear around you each time you pray to your Godhead.  Instruct it to wield off any lower energies from your aura so that these beings may not hear or steal your prayers.  Allow this shield to be penetrable only to whoever you wish to direct your prayers to.  When this is done, begin praying and trust that your prayers are safely on their right way.  


  1. Have A Clear Intention.         

Decide clearly on what you want.  Also, be very sure that you are ready for all the possible effects of what you are praying for.  Be very detailed in whatever it is you wish to receive.  Don’t vacillate in what you are praying for because this will create confusion in the ethers. Stop changing your mind every now and then.  When you have decided on what you want, focus on this intention and have the strong desire to receive.  Remember that intense desire is a key ingredient to receive a petition.         

Just in case you are not sure of what to pray for, ask your Godhead to grant that which is best for you. Seek which will be for your best interest, even if you don’t know what it is, yet.  Ask, also, that you will have the heart to accept whatever the answer will be.  This is actually the best way to pray when you are confused, desperate or lost. 

Most of the time, we pray for certain things and when they happen, we are not happy with the effects.  We realize that we have prayed for the wrong thing because we were not focused enough.  Lower emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, doubt, jealousy, envy, selfishness, etc. are the culprits for a wrong focus.  When we sense that we are not in line with the energies of light, it is best to ask for what should be given us and not what we want. 

Your Higher Self hears all your prayers even if you direct them to Buddha, Allah, Jesus or anyone.  When you pray for assistance and you don’t know what kind of assistance is needed in your situation, your Higher Self, who knows everything about you and your pre-planned life chart, will automatically mediate and send the best kind of help.  This kind of answer is the best because it was given by the one who knows the purpose of your being in this lifetime.

  1. Check for Energies That May Block Your Prayer.

Negative emotions like unforgiveness, anger, doubt and fear are energies that do not make your prayers effective.  If possible, do everything in your power to ask for forgiveness to anyone you wronged if you are in deep need of spiritual assistance.  If you cannot ask forgiveness personally, do so sincerely in spirit.  Also forgive those who wronged you if you expect miracles to happen.  These unresolved issues dim the light which our prayers release in the universe.  Your mind becomes unsettled because of unresolved emotional issues.  You can’t focus clearly on what you want if you don’t have peace of mind.      

Also, it is best to check, balance and cleanse your chakras before praying.  This way, each of the pools of energies in your body is aligned and properly functioning.  When your spirit body and physical body are in harmony, the prayers released are strongest.

  1. The Power of Visualization.

I often get the notorious comment, “How’d you get your petitions answered every time and why so fast?” or “What sorcery did you use to get what you wanted right away?” Of course, there are times when I don’t get a yes to some of my requests but most of the time, I get them and they come immediately or soon enough.  How and why?  

When I have a particular intention, I inform the Source and my Higher Self of the need I have. This is called aligning myself with the One. This alignment allows “them” to give that which is best for me or for whomever I am praying for.  Then, I check for the “local” dieties of light assigned for that certain issue. (While on this earth plane, there are certain enlightened helpers and protectors who are assigned in this realm.  Each has his/her own field of specialty.) I tune in and see this being or beings in my mind’s eye very clearly and then I begin to communicate directly.  Seldom do I pray without seeing who I pray to.  Seeing them alive, powerful and full of love makes me believe that assistance is on its way!

I understand that not everyone is gifted with this capability of seeing who they are praying to.  This is where the ability to visualize comes in handy. Visualizing is targeted imagining. You must see the image of what you want or what you want to happen, clearly in your mind.  Create the picture of what you desire and then be able to send this image to your Godhead.  

It is also very powerful to see yourself (in your mind) already holding what you have prayed for or already experiencing what you asked.

Many recite prayers out loud while their thoughts wander somewhere else, and then wonder why their petitions were not granted.  It is because the universe does not communicate in a certain dialect or language.  We communicate to the Spirit through images in our minds and with the emotions we release.  This is the very reason why clear visualization is very essential. 

  1. Using Affirmations and Mantras.

Affirming is asserting and believing that you will get what you prayed for or better yet, the one that you prayed for is already on its way to you. Affirming is saying to yourself that it shall be done. 

Your words and actions play a big role in affirming what you want. If you prayed for something, make sure that all you will say about that request will be something positive.  It is futile to pray for something and tell your friend that you’re not sure if you would have it.  Leave no room for doubt.  For example, if you pray for healing, stop saying “I’m sick.”  Just keep quiet about it if you still feel some symptoms.  If you really have to speak about it, say, “I’m going to get better, soon.”

Act like the one you prayed for is already arriving.  Prepare and set aside spaces for what you prayed for.  For example, if you want a new dining table, remove your old one.  Prepare and clean the space where you will be putting your new one.  While the space is empty, imagine the new dining table already positioned there.  If you want a new car, prepare the parking space it will be occupying.  You must show the universe that you are ready to receive.  There should be no room for doubt.  This is what you call faith in action.

Mantras are composed of sounds, words or group of words that endow the user mental, physical and spiritual might.  These are instruments that strengthen and empower the user through the sound of each letter or syllable.  The regular chanting of the syllable OM (Aum) alone has been scientifically proven to increase one’s ability to concentrate and to calm one’s nerves.

Mantras are usually Sanskrit in origin.  There are various mantras for all situations.  Each sound produced by each mantra releases a specific vibration that the universe understands and responds to.  Even our bodies and spirits react to these sounds and vibrate accordingly. 

During my “rush” moments when I can’t really put all my requests in prayer, I use a specific mantra again and again in my mind or sometimes, I chant them silently. I make sure that I see the words embracing all that I will be needing assistance with.  Also, I use mantras to end my regular quiet times with the Source.  This relaxes my mind from worrying if my petitions will be granted or not.

As an empath, I am very sensitive to sounds. I usually close my windows to prevent outside vibrations from entering my space because they easily make me sick.  I always play sacred mantra music at home.  I notice that when I play this kind of music, I am more focused and calm.  I don’t even remember having any negative thoughts. I feel energized and productive when working and I sleep soundly with it playing softly in the background.  Even my pets fall asleep when they hear it or if they are awake, they are very relaxed.  Even guests find my home very soothing long after the music has been turned off.

Mantras strengthen your aura and lend you a protective barrier. They grant you positive energies which imprint on you for a time. Positive vibes relax your body and spirit. When you are calm, it is easier for you to focus on what you want and it would help you pray powerfully.

  1. Using Tools to Boost Your Concentration.           

When praying for something, you need to be completely in that state of receiving.  Sometimes, when we are tired or stressed, it is hard to focus on our prayer.  This is when tools come in handy.  They are not necessary for the prayer itself but they are very helpful in making your mind centered and focused. 

You must help yourself focus and believe by creating the environment that would set your mood into feeling worthy to receive and strong enough to manifest.

tumblr_m8x2p9bzyv1qziitfFor centuries, the use of candles is believed to grant prayer requests.  It actually does not make the prayer more powerful but it strengthens one’s faith.  Candles are used in various colors for certain intentions by candle work practitioners.  They are cleansed and anointed with oil.  Some even engrave symbols on them for specific intentions or spells.

In Quiapo, for instance, many peddlers sell thick black candles.  These are mainly used to inflict a curse on someone who has wronged you or to cause someone to experience unwaivering guilt or emotional pain. In truth, it is not the candle itself that produces such results.  It is just instrumental for the aggrieved to focus his/her intention and enhance the emotion further.  It is a psychological placebo. Merely seeing the color black and the wick burning makes the brain relate such symbolism to something negative.  This, together with the belief that its smoke carries the prayer straight to whomever they wish to, is powerful enough to produce thought forms and emotions that would fuel the prayers.  Remember that prayers may come in the form of both blessings and curses.

Burning incense has the unique ability to penetrate the ethers, when properly programmed.  It aids in cleansing or purifying your prayer area from negative energies that could distract you or steal the energies you unknowingly release when you pray.  The use of scented incense and fragrance oil release fumes which tame the brain waves. The various scents given off by them allow the person to feel particular emotions. For example, Nag Champa is used to focus the mind during yoga and meditation. Sandalwood is used to promote a calm and expanded wellbeing.  You may use incense or fragrance oil to unburden you and relax your body and mind before going into prayer or meditation.  Choose a scent that would enhance whatever you wish to attain.

Music has the ability to transport you to certain dimensions.  Notice that there are melodies that make your heart heavy, even if you don’t hear any lyrics to it.  There are those that are not musical at all but when you listen to them, they energize and uplift you from being depressed.  It is because each type of music or beat delivers a particular frequency that makes or breaks your mood. It puts memories, thoughts or images in your mind even without you knowing it.  The tempo, affects  your heart rate.  

The ruling elite and upper echelons are very much aware of the power there is in music that is why they use the recording industry as a means to control the masses.  They enslave and destroy humanity by way of song and dance.  Many international pop artists are puppets to this agenda.  We must be very careful in the types of music we listen to or even sing ourselves.

The frequencies that singing bowls release are highly beneficial for one to reach a certain level of concentration.  Merely listening to it, if sensitive, makes one feel like his or her body is vibrating.  Singing bowls are very handy meditation devices because the sound they give off keeps your mind focused.

Using scalar pendants, orgonites or pyramids are highly prized instruments to boost your concentration.  They keep EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) at bay.  EMFs have very bad effects on one’s brain and body.  They cause many pains, illnesses and diseases.  They cause unexplained headaches and body pains.  EMFs worsen ADD and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder symptoms. Also, EMFs are very hospitable to lower negative energies.  Homes with more electronic gadgets and electrical devices produce very high EMF readings.  These houses are usually reported as highly active in paranormal or ghostly activity.  Such homes also cause its dwellers to be more depressed and sickly.

Others meditate or pray under or inside a pyramid because it centers the mind and body.  It pushes away energies of confusion and indecision. All lower energies can’t penetrate a pyramid.  Orgonites and scalar pendants with very high negative ion readings also have this capability.  These instruments mend one’s aura as already shown in many Kirlian Photos.  They also enhance a person’s ability to communicate with the unseen realm.  Constantly wearing a scalar or orgone pendant develops the psychic ability of the wearer.  I personally don’t go anywhere without any orgonite on me.  This helps keep, not only EMF and radiation far from me, but it helps keep negative entities from feeding off me.

I recall going out with my relatives and taking pictures outdoors.  It was night time then and the place we were in was noted to be somehow, haunted.  Upon viewing the pictures we took, it was very noticeable that they all had a lot of orbs around them.  But when I was the one in the picture (and I was wearing my favorite orgone), there were no orbs around me.  Not one.  Orbs, by the way, are energy balls of supposedly ghosts or spirits trying to manifest themselves.

  1. Bodily Positions to Intensify the Feeling.

Of course you can pray when you’re lying down.  But the question is, will this position strengthen your feeling towards prayer?  There are certain positions that enhance your energy field.  Slouching your back misaligns your chakra centers and weakens your aura.  When your aura is weak, the energy you release for prayer is also compromised.  

Notice that many who do yoga sit in the so called “lotus” position.   In a sitting position, one’s back is straightened while the lower legs are crossed with each foot resting on the thighs. This position makes the body more relaxed. Blood flow is regulated and much oxygen is delivered to the brain.  Stress is eliminated which facilitates a calm mind, therefore, a highly focused state.

It is essential that you choose a bodily position that will motivate you to pray.  Choose a stance that will make you feel more powerful. This feeling of calm and confidence motivates for a stronger belief or faith in whatever you are praying for.

If you doubt the power of bodily positioning, try this when you are in public:  Try to walk with your back slouched.   Then see the difference on how people suddenly look your way and seem to notice you when you stand and walk with your back straight.  Keeping your spine (and your chakras) properly aligned gives you the energy of confidence and magnetism.  These are exuded in your aura.  This will attract the attention of other energies and cause people to take notice of you, as opposed to when you were slouching.

If praying while bowing or kneeling makes you feel closer to whomever you are praying to, do it.  Whatever position you choose, as long as it makes you feel and believe more, will be the best position for your prayer time.

  1. Having a Thankful Heart.        

thank-youSaying, “thank you”, before a glass of water rearranges its water molecules beautifully.  This simple phrase is miraculous in itself.  It has the power to calm, heal, energize and return what has been given in several folds.  Gratitude in prayer is essential.  Even when you have not received anything yet, saying thank you for everything or anything allows the universe the go signal to give you more and more.  It is a universal principle that practicing gratitude gives you more of what good you deserve.

When you thank anyone, this results to a domino effect of more positive feelings that ripples outward from the person you thanked.  For example, you, out of nowhere, sincerely thanked your tired and dirty garbage collector after he empties your trash. You may not be aware but this garbage collector was so touched by your act of recognizing his efforts.  This will make his mood better and he will be inspired to work more.  This inspiration will produce good energy that will be passed on with each smile he gives away to his fellow workmates.  These workmates will also feel good because instead of a grouchy and smelly companion, they have been blessed with a smiling, hardworking, kind-hearted companion.  This smile will inspire them to be kind to others as well, even if things around them are not so pleasant.

I always thank things, animals and people around me.  I was just born making thank you as a hobby. I have always believed that saying thank you makes anyone feel important and it is our job to make people feel they are worth something good.  I thank my bed, pillows and blankets and in return, they grant me very sound restful sleep. My bathroom used to be scary and many have seen a ghost standing at a certain corner.  But when I started saying thank you to the bathroom itself for all its usefulness and comfort to my everyday life, the scary feeling disappeared and we no longer see the spirit stuck in the corner.  It was brighter and more relaxing to be in.

I close and begin my prayers with a big fat thank you.  Try this and sincerely be grateful when you do so in prayer and see how powerful your prayers will become.

  1. Release and Believe.

Lastly, when you pray, end it with full trust that it shall be heard and granted. Have faith. Do not worry on how it shall be granted.  Don’t give your list of solutions to the universe because it has its own intelligence and methods.  We humans have very limited capabilities in problem solving and analysis but the universe has countless master’s degrees on it.  Worrying on how things will happen is controlling the events in your highly marginalized capacity. Thinking and over-analyzing limits the universal force’s capability to utilize all means (beyond your thoughts could grasp) to help you. The universe is rich beyond your imagination and it can provide for anything you want or desire without running out. Just believe that it will come in the right time and relax.  The more you think of how you will get what you prayed for, or when, the more you are pulling your petition back to yourself and you are not allowing the universe to work on it.  Release your petitions fully to whoever you directed your prayer to.  Stop taking it back by constantly doubting or by being impatient.  Of course you can do follow up prayers but make sure that you do so, believing that it will come.

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