What Prayer Really Is

I was motivated to write this article for the purpose of making PRAYER simpler and more user friendly. It is a gift to us that we use almost every minute of our lives but are just not aware of.  It so misused because of the unnecessary tags and details that generations have linked it with.  Its real power has not been fully tapped by many because of the No’s and Should Do’s imposed by religions.

I know many who claim that they never prayed in their entire life because they don’t know what it is or how it is done. Some tell me they don’t pray because they don’t like memorizing stuff.  Others say they don’t pray because it is tiring and boring. A number even swear that they will not pray anymore for various reasons.   I wish that through this article,  you guys will know what real prayer is, making it less complicated or confusing.
If you’re from the Eastern part of the globe, the word prayer is like saying “eat” or “food”. Prayer is an integral part of the populace’s reason for existence. It has been a practice for ages. It is their way of life,  their survival. They have a fierce belief that whatever they have become and will be in the future largely depends on prayer. Though religions vary, prayer is the common denominator.  In the West, prayer is still in it’s early stages of “popularity”  or practice.  Although more and more are believing in prayer, there still is a 35 to 43 percent margin of people who do not pray or who do not believe in such.

But what is prayer actually?

Prayer, most say, is talking to their God or diety or saint. It could be a long recitation of prepared litanies as used in rosaries, chaplets and novenas, even the memorized prayers before you sleep and eat. For others, it is a long chanting of mantras and sutras.  Different religions have their distinct “schedules” and “methods” for prayer. Let us take the Jewish for instance.  They have a prayer book (Siddur) where all their prayers for all events are written. They are very rigid in the sense that only a certain prayer  can be used for a particular endeavor. Even on which time of the day, each religion proposes that a certain prayer be said.  For Catholics,  they have the 3:00 Habit and the Angelus at 6 PM. Muslims are famous for bowing on their knees, no matter where they are, facing a certain direction at certain times of the day to pray to Allah.

Prayer exists because it is human nature to be emotionally needy.  There is a need to fill in the emptiness of hunger, sickness, sadness, fear, and a multitude of needs and wants. These are what motivates one to seek answers through prayer.

Did you know that a mother driving, while hoping that her teenage son is safe somewhere, is already saying a prayer?  A teenager, daydreaming about her crush and imagining them spending sweet time together, is also sending out prayer.  A little girl, caressing her pet cat in deep love while hoping she can buy it some kitty treats is also sending out prayer. Hoping the best for a dear friend who is about to go on a new venture in life is also a form of prayer, which we call a blessing. A man who, though just in his mind, wishes ill for a disliked neighbor is also praying.  This form is called a curse.

Simply put:  thoughts, coupled with emotions, is what prayer really is.

Let’s simplify PRAYER by listing what it really is not:

  1.  Prayer does not need words.

As soon as you think of something and add what you are currently feeling about that thought, you are already sending a clear message to the unseen realm of what you want or need.  The more emotion you put in a desired thought, the stronger your faith that it will happen. Faith is based on what a person feels.  The stronger the feeling, the stronger one’s faith.  Read or recited prayers prepared by various religions  have little or no effect at all. No matter how many lines you recite,  it would not yield any results or “answers”  because the intent or emotion is weak or absent.

Let me simplify this further.   Let us liken prayer to a car. A car has many brands and styles just like prayer has.  The driver of the car is the one praying.  The driver loads what he/she wants and needs inside the car. Let’s call the load of intentions, the dirty laundry. We want the car to reach a certain destination, which is the laundry station.

The desired destination could be one’s Godhead, a saint, ones’  relative who already passed on, etc. But the car won’t start and run towards the laundry station without gasoline, right? And for a sure and smooth travel,  it will also need good engine oil. Gasoline is the emotion and desire.  Faith is the engine oil. These (emotion, desire and faith) are the empowering forces that will mobilize the car to its destination.  Without such, the car won’t go anywhere  meaning, the prayer is dead.

  1. You don’t need to be in a certain position or mudra to pray.

Some people kneel when they pray.  Some lay face down on the ground.  Some keep bowing repeatedly until their prayer is done. Others do the Lotus position.  Others use hand gestures. Whatever practices certain religions instruct,  let us respect what they do. If you yourself practice a certain position or action when you pray, do so, only if you feel that it would strengthen your belief that your prayers would be heard.

  1. Prayer doesn’t have to be fancy.

How many families and churches are guilty of its members actually falling asleep or getting distracted with other things while the person or clergy leads a very long prayer with hard to grasp words?  Sadly, so many.  Prayers don’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to impress God or whoever you are praying to, just so that your prayer will be effective.  A prayer said from the heart, which means, a prayer said with enough desire, no matter how simple,  is strong enough to reach the desired destiny.

  1. Prayer does not have to be said over and over.

Recited prayers in repetition, without being sincere about it, does nothing. It is just babbling none sense.  Sincerity is understanding and meaning each word you uttered.   You only repeat things to someone who has a hearing defect,  someone who has memory problems or when you don’t trust that the one you’re speaking to is really listening.
A prayer of faith is a prayer of trust.When you trust, you just surrender once and believe that it shall manifest.  Just like the analogy of the car,  you drive and unload your dirty laundry to your desired laundry station.  Repeating the same prayer  over and over is just like delivering the dirty laundry to the laundry station, and repeatedly asking the dirty laundry back and surrendering it again to the station.

Your “dirty laundry”  can’t be washed, dried and returned to you all folded and hung if you keep asking it back from the start.  Once you surrender anything in prayer, trust that it will be answered in a way that is best for you and your situation.

  1.  Prayer does not need a schedule.

You don’t have to wait until bedtime to pray.  You need not wait for certain hours of the day, days of the week, certain months of the year, or any moon phase or season to make a petition.  If you believe that there are only certain hours or schedules that your prayers will be answered by your godhead, maybe you should check if your god is really powerful enough to be called the true source of all light and love. A true all powerful God is not governed by time. He/She will feel, hear and listen to your requests anytime.  No appointments or schedules are required.  Would you think that your earthly father or mother placed a schedule on you when you were still a baby as to when you should cry or not? That cry as a babe was your prayer to your parent to rescue you from either a soaking diaper, a hunger for milk, a pain, or for just a warm embrace.  If your parents were on call anytime you needed them then, what more for the true God who loves all unconditionally?

  1. You don’t need to be in a certain place to pray:

You don’t have to be in a chapel, a church or a cathedral to find God and tell Him/Her something. You don’t have to travel to Mecca or Jerusalem to have your prayers heard. God/Source is everywhere and is in everything that’s why He/She sees, knows and feels your desires.  Your prayers could be sent from wherever you are.  You could pray even while doing something, like driving, for instance.  You can even pray while in the bathroom or any unlikely place, as long as you are undistracted. Remember that your best prayers of faith are usually made when you are determined and focused. When there is full concentration,  you gather enough emotion for the thought and it becomes an effective prayer.  It is usually achieved when one is alone.  But this doesn’t mean that your prayers won’t be answered when you pray in a crowd.  It just means that you can fully and wholly be in the moment of petitioning when you are by yourself.

  1. Prayer is not a test to know if your Godhead is powerful enough or is loving enough.

Many who pray are very happy and thankful when they get a big YES to their request/s. Many lose faith and stop praying when a certain petition is not answered the way they wanted it. All prayers, said with intensity is answered.  The answer may be yes, wait, and no.  If a prayer is answered with a no,  it does not mean that God/Source is weak and incapable of granting your request.  It also doesn’t mean that He/She does not love you.

Every person comes into the world with a certain life plan or life chart.  The true God/Source, before you were born, was with you when you created this life plan or chart.  Outlined and detailed in this plan or chart are lessons you must learn and experience in this lifetime.  If you ask God for something in prayer, no matter how much you invest emotion on it, if it is not going to be in accordance with the life plan you created, it will never manifest.  Why?  Because it will destroy what you pre-planned for you to learn and experience.  So stop getting so angry with God when you don’t get the answers you want.  Trust and understand that your prayer was answered with NO because there is a grand plan and that is for your betterment.  Someday, you will know and understand why.

  1.  Prayers don’t need classification and third party intercessors.

Prayers are not necessarily “Holy”.  Prayer is not only for thanksgiving,  for praise and adoration or for other pious stuff. They also are not for asking things, alone.  Prayers can be of any topic you want.  You can pray out all your secrets and frustrations.The way you talk to your closest friend is the best same way you should say your prayers. Express anything you feel or want or need and there are no limitations. God/Source loves you and knows the real you that is why you can be yourself when you communicate.  You can even tell God how angry you are or that you don’t understand His/Her ways.  Honesty in emotions is needed in prayer.  You can’t fool God/Source because He/She is omniscient,  always aware of everything.

Giving your power to others by asking them to pray to God for you is different from asking others to pray with you for a certain intention. You don’t have to go to a rabbi or a priest to tell your Godhead how sorry you are or for them to seek for your forgiveness. God knows what you’ve done and He/She will never judge you for it. Go tell your intentions straight. Prayer is a direct line to God/Source.  You don’t need the help of other people or energies to get your prayer heard.  Don’t give your power to others. Ask, seek and feel God/Source on your own terms.

  1.  You don’t need a title to be worthy of prayer.

No matter who you are,  you have the free gift of prayer. You need not be famous  nor be someone big in church or government to have your prayers answered. You need not be a saint.  Even the so called “sinners”  can pray. Anyone can say any kind of prayer for any kind of event.  You don’t have to be a priest to pray for the soul of a dying person in front of you.  You don’t need to be a shaman to cleanse your spirit for you. You just need to be who you are.
Ask anything with enough intensity and you might even be giving off more powerful prayers than most “holy” and famous preachers and church leaders.

We are praying almost every time we breath.  Every time we think and feel, we are already praying.  It may not be directed to a Godhead but when a thought, empowered by emotion or desire is created in our mind,  we release these as prayers to the universe and “someone”  and “something” answers.

Have you ever experienced wishing someone who wronged you to trip or fall and then minutes later, that person actually experiences it?  Or maybe think of something and after awhile, it happens?  It is because you thought of it with enough emotion that is manifested right away.  But who answers these undirected or unintended thought-forms?

The Universe is vast beyond our limited imagination.  Dwelling in it are various energies,entities, and beings who are at different levels of spiritual development.  An existence or being that has more light belongs to the higher levels and dimensions.  The brightest ones are not from the universe we dwell in but are able to enter and leave as they please. The greater the light, the more wisdom it carries and the more loving it is. The more loving it is, the less is it’s need to feed on other’s energy.  The dimmer and darker entities belong to the lower levels of the universe. They have the most fear and ignorance.  Because of their lack of love and wisdom,  they are not able to sustain themselves of enough energy. Their hunger motivates them to feed on the energy of others.

These lower energies/entities are the ones “answering” our unguarded negative thoughts and words. They feed on all negative emotions such envy, hate, jealousy, pride, and hatred.  This makes them powerful enough to make one’s dark thoughts a reality.

Unguarded thoughts of the positive kind are automatically directed to the beings of true light and the Source of all that there is.  Dark entities cannot stand in the presence of positive emotions.

Prayer, in the spirit world, when directed towards a Godhead, is seen as light. They can range from powerful beams to tiny sparks or to no light at all.  The more intent and emotion in a prayer, the brighter it shines. The brighter it shines,  the faster they are met by beings-in-charge to be answered.

It is also  important to note that the most powerful prayers are usually a mother’s prayers for her child. Because of the intense love and desire for the protection and safety of their children,  mothers send continuous solid light beams of prayers to the Universe and they are immediately taken cared of. I shall expound on this phenomenon in a later article.
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