How To Stop Bad Dreams

50d8f-nightmares-linked-to-psychotic-behavior1People dream when they sleep although some won’t agree because they don’t recall any in their waking state. These dreams may be pleasant and inspiring.  But when dreams include ugly images or induce feelings of utter helplessness and fear,  they are classified as nightmares or even night terrors. Almost everyone has had a very bad dream but for the “lucky” few,  they say they  never had an unpleasant dream.   I personally have had nightmares since childhood.   They range from prophetic to utterly horrifying, unexplainable and debilitating.  

I grew up from a rigidly religious Christian family and community.   Mentioning or relating anything not found in the Holy Bible was automatically “from the devil”.  As a very young child, it was traumatic. Instead of hearing consoling words after crying out my bad dreams, I would be reprimanded about not praying enough before going to sleep or that I must have done a “sin”  that’s why the bad dreams were haunting me.  But I knew myself better.  I always slept with the Holy Book beside me and enjoyed talking to “God” and the “angels” until I fell asleep, so how could they tell me such rubbish? (The, “talking to God  the angels,” part is another story.) So from then on, the unusual and scary dreams were kept solely to myself.


As the years passed, together with being able to interpret my own dreams (and practiced explaining my classmates’ and friends’ dreams),  I realized that such nightmares had different purposes and causes. I somehow developed the knowing whether I should or should not be worried of a certain nightmare.


It was common for me to have past life, inter-dimensional, prophetic and message dreams.  They came in both pleasant and horrifying fashions but I managed to cope and deal with them, physically alone but spiritually guided. 


Even without saying,  praying for protection before sleeping is very important.  But through experience,  there are times when praying before you sleep is not enough.  You still experience the bad dreams. And so, here are some things I suggest you try to stop them  :


1. Inverting My Pillow :  Sometimes,  there are nightmares that seem to continue (even after waking up for a few minutes) as soon as you go back to sleep.  When this happens,  invert the pillow you have under your head.  When the energy causing the bad dream is not that strong,  this method helps.

Also, you may try transferring your head position to the foot part of the bed.  This method is quite stronger than the pillow-inverting method.


2.  Changing the Bed’s Position :  I noticed that in some houses I lived in (long before I learned Feng Shui), there were some portions in the bedroom, that when I positioned my bed there, nightmares would keep happening. At the worst, sleep paralysis occurs.  As soon as morning comes, I would immediately rearrange the room and find another spot for my bed and just like that, no more nightmares.


3.  Keeping Symbols of Protection :  My father’s side is extremely Catholic.  When I would sleep over at my aunts’ houses, there would always be personal altars complete with images of saints and crucifixes, bibles and lighted candles  in each bedroom. They said that those would protect the dwellers in the room.  No offense to those who have this practice, but that was not how it was for me.  Not only did I have horrible nightmares in their rooms.  I even saw non-human figures hovering around the altars, staring creepily at me.  According to my relatives,  these images were “blessed” by a priest and everything was just my overactive imagination.  I felt really bad about that.  


     I have nothing against images of saints, God and Jesus.  It’s just that in my experience,  such creations, including dolls and paintings can be inhabited by the dark and the malevolent if not treated properly.  I personally keep a collection of images, but I see to it that they are personally cleansed, spiritually filled with light and shielded by the Source, my higher power, and my guardians.  


I prefer framed symbols like OM/Aum, HUM, Tam, Antahkarana etc. because their mere presence, even without being blessed or activated,  harmonizes the energies around an area.  They automatically exude positive vibes of protection and help, healing and wellness.  


So if ever you wish to feel safe,  you may still keep any of your favorite image/s close by but make sure that it has been properly cleansed and blessed. Remember that blessing an object is not done by the recitation of words alone but by the power of intent, faith and love.


4.  Orgonites and Pyramids :   Living in haunted houses is like tea to my cup. Seeing spooky entities in my bedroom was usually the icing to my cake since childhood. As if it was not enough for them to scare me enough in my waking state,  they would even haunt my dreams.  But having pyramids and orgonites around have been very helpful in shielding my space from lower energies and EMF that disrupt sleep.  You can search the net for these devices.  They come in extremely handy in so many practical and spiritual ways.


5.  Smudging Your Space :  Incense has a very special ability to cleanse your environment, if done properly.  I have seen many who use incense to clear their homes but still wonder why unseen negative forces remain.  It is because mere lighting and burning is not enough.  Intent and respect play very important roles.  Once you have chosen which kind of incense you will be using,  make sure to “activate” it.  How?  First, you must believe that everything has life in it, even the seemingly inanimate incense.  In sincere prayer and respect, thank your incense and request that it be very effective for cleansing your space from the energy of fear and negativity in all forms.  Then, light your incense. Let it’s smoke and fumes reach all parts of your sleeping area, including the insides of cabinets, shelves and under the bed.  Together with the smoke, visualize cleansing white light scattering and covering your whole room. Close your session with a prayer to your higher power or Godhead.  Ask that your sleeping quarter be sealed with His/Her Divine protection and love. Then, have faith that your space is totally protected.


6.  Keep your Space Clean /Choose Positive Colors, Pictures and Posters :  Have you ever noticed that most dysfunctional and problematic people have very dirty and dark rooms decorated with posters depicting negative images? Clutter, dirt and darkness are the breeding grounds for negative entities.  

Make it a habit to shower your room with sunlight even just for three hours a day by opening your windows. Raising the blinds or tying your curtains to one side of the window will allow cleansing, energizing air and light to enter.  Sun rays can do miracles in ridding your home of a plethora of problems. Most rooms with very tiny windows or no windows are areas where negative energies dwell and so for the very least,  keep such areas perpetually clean and uncluttered.  I had a friend who kept asking me why he always had very bad dreams. He said that he did almost everything I advised but he still had them.  When I visited his room, I saw that he had many posters of guns, skulls and some heavy metal bands. I immediately asked him to take those down and burn them.  Lo and behold, the nightmares stopped.

7.  Keeping Sea Salt or Regular Rock Salt :  This part, which is extremely effective, comes with a special story and I shall write about it in another post.

Using salt to drive away evil spirits is very popular in Philippine folklore. It does and it helps prevent nightmares, too.  Either you use salt alone or salt with water, as long as you couple it with intent, it will work.  You may use a glass and fill it to half with salt.  Position the glass under your bed or at your side table.  Again, thank your salt and ask it to be very powerful in protecting your body, mind and spirit as you sleep.


8.  Shielding Yourself at Bedtime :  Asking for protection through your regular bedtime prayer routine may not be enough.  Words, when uttered in fear or doubt are not effective prayers. Protecting oneself, I believe, calls for proactive measures.  A highly effective means to guard your space and aura from nightmares and dark forces in the night is by spiritually shielding your self.  Call on your Godhead and guardians.  Then, create a shield around your whole body.  It may look like a bubble enveloping you or a bright star keeping you safe inside. However you wish your shield to look like is your choice.  Make sure it exudes an aura of strength and safety.  Make it look and feel comfortable for you. Then speak to your shield. Instruct it on what it should do.  Ask it to keep the negative from entering your aura.  Ask it to be flexible enough to allow your soul to travel when you sleep but at the same time, strong enough to keep it within allowable and safe boundaries.

The soul travels when the physical body is asleep. Sometimes, its visits to unpleasant realms or dimensions is what the human brain registers as nightmares. In extreme cases, some die in their sleep because the silver cord connecting the soul to the body is severed when the soul gets trapped somewhere. This is why you ought to program your shield in a detailed but loving way.

9.  Speaking To the Soul :  Sometimes, recurrent and traumatic dreams are replays your soul goes through when you are asleep. You can handle this by first, placing yourself in a cam state before you sleep. Call on your Godhead and guardians to assist you.  Then begin speaking to your soul. Tell it that if that recurrent dream is from another lifetime,  it should no longer be afraid of it.  Tell your soul to release that traumatic event to the Source of Light and Love.  Also say that you are living in a different lifetime and that event will not happen again in the present.  Send healing to that fearful or torturing event and wrap it in a bubble of love and visualize that you are personally surrendering it to your Godhead. Then expect the miracle.  


Note: Mothers can do this for their very young children when they experience night terrors.  As soon as the child falls asleep, you, as a mother could directly call on the soul of your child.  Speak to it and explain what has been mentioned above.  


All photos, compliments of google

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